👋 Hey! I'm Ahmed Elsakaan and I build stuff for the web.

I am a full-stack web developer from 🇪🇬 Alexandria, Egypt, currently based in 🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom. Specialising in web tooling, design systems and Next.js. Mostly working with TypeScript and React based codebases. I contributed to open source projects such as tRPC.

Latest blog posts

🎓 Monorepo College Lecture 2: Build Me Up Buttercup

In this part, we will be initializing the project, getting all of the initial files out of the way and then configure Prettier as well as create the first package of our monorepo.

🎓 Monorepo college lecture 1: a beautiful morning

Embark on a thrilling journey to Monorepo Land, where code sharing and team collaboration are the order of the day! 🚄🌅