Hi 👋, I'm Ahmed Elsakaan

I build extraordinary user interfaces with web technologies.

I'm a Frontend engineer with an eye for design, I specialise in building design systems and applications in React, WYSIWYG editors and large monorepo management. Currently a core maintainer of tRPC and working on noodle.

Read my latest blog post: Building typesafe APIs with tRPC.

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My story

I was born in a small city in Egypt called Al-Mansoura in 2000, from a young age I was always fascinated with technology, tweaking and playing with them.

On a late night when I was 14, I was simply browsing the internet when I got the curiousity about how websites are made and that's the night that decided what my career will be.

I started developing my skills as time progressed, getting into JavaScript, React and everything to do with the development flow of web applications.

I also developed skills on the backend with GraphQL and REST, but I hated how ugly my projects looked and that’s when I also started studying design.

Over the years, I grew a passion for building WYSIWYG editors, design systems and monorepos, mostly in React projects. I became very skilled in those areas and I keep improving every day!

Baby Me

yes that's me :)