It all started with a bit of curiosity...

You see I have always been a child intrigued by all sorts of technology. I used to disassemble different gadgets around the house just because I was curious about their internals. Often than not though, I wouldn't be able to put it back together.

In 2011, my curiosity transferred to the digital side with my first laptop, it was an HP Pavilion, that's all I remember. I got into making football shoe mods for PES 2011 using Windows Paint, yes I did literally edit it pixel by pixel...

Chapter 1: “How are websites made?”

In 2014, I was browsing the internet on a random late night when suddenly the question behind the process of making websites arose in my mind. I googled “How are websites made?” and it led me to HTML and CSS.

I started playing around with these two, learned them a bit and it really grasped my interest, from that point on I would be doing web dev.

Chapter 2: JavaScript is so hard

With my progress in HTML and CSS, I started needing to use JavaScript in my projects to sprinkle some interactivity. I played around with JS and jQuery, but it would take me a while to really unlock the “thinking in javascript” phase of my life. With that though, I was able to expand the scope of my projects and eventually started learning React.

Chapter 3: JavaScript is cool

Now that I was learning and using React, it unlocked a lot of new opportunities for me, I was doing a lot projects on codepen to refine my CSS and React skills and since then I truly felt like a web developer. I had more confidence in my skills from then on and I would then go on Github from then on.

Chapter 4: It's university time

After finishing high school, I decided to pursue a BSc Computer Science degree in the UK. By that point I was certain that I want to do web dev for a career and so it was the right decision for me. I would further refine my skills in web development during my time at university with me landing a part time internship at Decipad.

Chapter 5: Open source

After my internship, I got a taste of working in a team, and I wasn't going to let that slip away. I started looking at contributing to open source. I was watching Jack Herrington's video on tRPC and it was so cool to me, I went on tRPC's website to be a bit disappointed in the landing page and the docs, and so that would be where I would contribute.

Final chapter: The tRPC butterfly effect

With me working on a new design and website for tRPC, I managed to make connections with really cool people such as Alex in the web dev community. I got invited to speak at an LNUG meetup in London about tRPC.

That meetup would soon become a crucial part of me getting my first full time job after university, as that I would meet my current boss at the meetup.

So basically, Jack Herrington uploading that video led to a person on the other side landing their first web dev job.

To be continued...

Picture Gallery

2008 Ahmed In front of The Montaza Palace, Alexandria, Egypt.

2008, In Front of The Montaza Palace, Alexandria, Egypt.

Me with my first cat, Candy, she was a princess.

Me with my first cat, Candy, she was a princess.

Talking about tRPC at an LNUG meetup.

Talking about tRPC at an LNUG meetup.

Meeting some of the tRPC people.

Meeting some of the tRPC people.