Work & Contributions

Here are some of the projects that I have done & worked on!

tRPC logo


tRPC is a library that creates end-to-end typesafe apis with TypeScript. I have lead the efforts of designing and implementing the current website for the project as well as contributing to the library itself some times.

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Noodle logo


Noodle is an idea of mine about a product that combines everything a student needs to be productive in one place such as note-taking, task management, calendar, flashcards...etc

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NX boilerplate with next.js, trpc, next-auth, playwright, vitest...etc

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Nintendo Switch in CSS

Nintendo switch device made purely in HTML and CSS.

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Music Player Design in CSS

A music player design implemented in HTML and CSS.

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Random Wallpaper

A random shapes wallpaper generator made in HTML, CSS and JS.

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MacOS Control Center

MacOS control center UI made with React, including the toggling of buttons.

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VSCode UI in React

A little challenge to re-create VSCode's UI from scratch with React.

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